Joanna Suzanne Lee and Ray Sharp

Joanna Suzanne Lee
inspiration piece

Ray Sharp
La Grande Roue (The Ferris Wheel)


He gives the wheel a spin,
thoughts a billion miles away,
above the waltz of planets,

on the rim, far beyond the place
where there is no up or down,
dust glinting in thin light,

watching everything turn around
the shiny hub, spokes blurring,
his world gone slightly out of round,

elliptical, mesmerizing, hypnotically
imperfect. Hula Hooper. Belly Dancer.
Whirling Dervish. Doppler red hair.  

From him to the moon to her makes
a lovers triangle. Lust is a wave that shifts
toward red, the faster it spins away.

Wavy red hair turning for the train
colors the descending pitch of loneliness.
La Roue de Fortune. Roulette wheel.


Rouge ou noir, rien ne va plus.
Round and round and round they go,
and where they’ll stop, nobody knows.





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  1. Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:11 am | #

    I wouldn’t have thought of a roulette wheel, but then, I suppose every ride on a Ferris wheel is a gamble. Unexpected slingshot in a new direction, both the image and the poem give us different views of possibly the same story. Both convey the thrill of the risk and life at the mercy of mysterious forces. Lovely pairing.