Laura Shovan and Nicholas Clark

The next year (Click link for WAV file)
By Nicholas Clark
Inspiration piece

Confluence of the Leaves

After “The Next Year,” Nicholas Clark
By Laura Shovan

In autumn rain
a pair of leaves
make their
wet way to earth,
their twirl
an aged couple’s
spin, their
brown coats
lined with silk,
Wind catches
a pleat, one
corner of coat,
one leaf lifted
neatly up.
Its partner
whirling down.
A gust rushes
them against
each other.
They gather
their brown coats
close, dip
and clutch.
Don’t try
to catch these two.
Let them drift
to the surface
of the river.
Let them
lie down at last.
Their thin
coats flash
in the arms
of the briny


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