Lisa Nielsen and Mary-Antonia Lombardi

Mary-Antonia Lombardi

The Blue Woman

Inspiration Piece

Lisa Nielsen


This is What She’s Longed For

She knows this is not
how she’s supposed to feel,
wanting more than
to sing her masterpiece

She was reluctant,
as you slid under her door –
aiming for her skin
but wanting her breath

The spell of gravity was broken when
she turned to you because nothing was left.
She was hoping this was only temporary

The ocean tracked her through tears
Never question the intuition of a beguiled sea

She plied her home with bales of restraint
But still . . .
the whisper of a dream is mightier than weeping walls
Occasionally the ocean gets it right

No more bargaining
Isn’t this mythical?
How stroke by stroke you found the rock, the hard place
Wavy lines and sweet abyss


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  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 7:30 am | #

    “the whisper of a dream is mightier than weeping walls”–perfect! I had no idea which way Lisa was going to go with this response, but I knew it would be unexpected and that it would work. I was right.