Lisa Nielsen and Lisa Pimental

Lisa Pimental
Inspiration Piece

Not Quite Fire & Brimstone
By Lisa Nielsen


I thought my mistakes would amount to more than killing time,
so I pretend it’s all tragic happenstance and move along.
I traded in lust for lifestyle and probabilities, while

Beads and finer fingernails scraped away flesh where your heart used to be.
It feels like years, but I was just there,
Harvesting those silky husks left after the fire.

I could never get close, though not for lack of trying:
You’d be laughing while I was crying
and then tell me that’s what I wanted.

Sooner be set ablaze than bored –
that moratorium you declared on sabotage was just a trick,
to get me to believe in ashes

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  1. Posted December 9, 2012 at 6:25 pm | #

    Yummy combination! So very yummy!