Caroline A. Evey and Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson
The Iraqi Woman

Inspiration piece


the same questions
By Caroline A. Evey

there were so many things that were foreign to me–
the sights, the smells, the food, the prayers,
the (lack of) infrastructure, the fashion, the small routines —
but, then, there was her.

she would sit and stare that way, in the afternoons,
just as the sun would start to descend along its charted track.


if you didn’t pay her any attention,
you would think she was there for something mundane —
a child coming home from school, a delivery,
her husband’s car as he came back from work —
but if you watched her,
really watched her,
you’d see that she was contemplating the same thing you had so many times:

how did i get here?



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  1. Posted December 8, 2012 at 8:00 pm | #

    Caroline–I love this image, and Kate’s response is beautiful. You are both so talented.