Tora Estep and K.J. Hannah (Channie) Greenberg

Tora Estep, charcoal, pastel, and Japanese lace paper on paper




Both the Instigator and her Mother
K.J. Hannah Greenberg
Both the instigator and her mother,
Showed their slight upon welcoming
That bride and groom into holy union.

Seems ‘ol Green Eyes’ pleasure made
Short shrift of fragile newlywed bliss;
Troublemaker had fallen for him first.

Later, the undertaker, who rowed the Styx
Accepted no shaggy dog tales, encouraged
Not one narration regarding unrequited love.

Shrugging, he whispered “time passes, clocks
Tick, life circles. Jealousy’s rotten company.
Lassies ought to beseech higher places’ help.”


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