Jay Young Gerard and Lisa Nielsen

Jay Young Gerard



Lisa Nielsen



I wear my loneliness as a cape
Draping it like a testimonial to my endurance
Another day beleaguered and waiting
As mountainous as sunlight. Now
we wait for the inevitable fizzle
The disappointing reality,
the misunderstandings that become
frays of failure.
Our fingers uncurl reaching for throats.
This is not what we are but what we’ve become . . .

I hear your angry sighs in between the pauses.
You decorate pain like an officer’s jacket: metals for all the cracks in your heart,
bars for all your bad luck.
Your heart is not really in the right place if that place is a bull’s-eye.

I don’t want to do what I’ve done before, but
this ritual has a life of its own.
I call at the first twinge and wonder if I can trust.
I dive into make believe sin just so you’ll stop hunting.
Clean slate – let’s not ask, let’s not tempt history,
let’s not scrutinize or stalk or investigate.  The trepidations aren’t going
anywhere.  They’ll be waiting for us.

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