Amy Moffitt and Hannah Greenberg

Inspiration Piece (song): Freedom – by Amy Moffitt


Natural Death
© KJ Hannah Greenberg

Leaves, such brightly-colored textiles,
Patched together like other final gifts,
A shroud of fallen moments, times gone,
Rest easy; the wind has said good-bye.

Seers, mostly desiccated, remove comfort
When wood witches’ lessons, somehow,
Destroy the quiddity of boosted insights;
Sad news spins otherworldly geometrics.

Antitinctures actualize exceptional substances,
Constructed, as they are, from branches, bugs,
Myrrh shoots, mayhap grotesque architecture;
Their associations expire bitterly if pressed.

Most fens’ are moraine, sepulchers augmented
Without wolfberry’s benefits, warm clothing,
Blankets. They meter prettied-up earnings
Unvarnished by rats’ sleep, bedbugs, death.

Atrocity’s testimony remains consequential.
Literal skeletal living, wild lessons clarified,
Expending hides, maxillae, viscera, breath,
Encourage all partakers to come as they are.