KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Cheryl Lavoie

Cheryl Lavoie
Inspiration piece

By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Layering your needs over mine can’t succeed.
I refuse to allege our coupling’s “beautiful.”
As well, reframing our feelings to disfigure
Sincere images ought always to get rejected.
Pretending functions best for sugary cereals.

Sure, there’s shallow “prettiness” in boundaries
Lit with rare fairy dust, gilded with scintillating
Paint. It’s assured that individuals, not privy
To our certainties, might suppose our cornices’
Are escalloped; “superficiality” guiles easily.

Nonetheless, I insist plain views, unadorned
With light or spit, construct us better vistas
Than wholly the universe’s brilliant textures.
Perhaps, next time, you’ll likewise welcome
Straightforward assessments’ grave benefits.