Cheryl Lavoie and
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Cheryl Lavoie

By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration piece

Bookmark the moment
Bookmark the page
Bookmark the budget
Bookmark the rage
Bookmark the war, the hunger, the pain
Bookmark the earthquake, tsunami, flood rain
Bookmark the efforts against greed and bad will
Bookmark the homeless, the graft, and the kill
Bookmark the progress, the regress, the fight
Bookmark the prayer card, the message, what’s right
Life’s full of bookmarks, as community builds
The new house on the corner, the playground, the thrills
The tutor that gives time, the coach that’s a cop
The reverend that counsels, the old man in the shop
Community of givers creates a network of friends
Significant moments, our memory’s bookends.



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