Cheryl Lavoie and Anne Nowelski

Cheryl Lavoie

Creating a Poet
By Anne Nowelski
Inspiration piece

I’m taking a nap while swinging
it’s very relaxing so relaxing
Sure, take a nap, just don’t let go.
so relaxing
the swinging back and forth
the sun shining down on me
Warm against your cheek, like a kiss.
the wind going by my ear
Like a whisper?
my legs going forward and back
the swing squeaking
A gentle creaking above us.
The sound of distant children laughing.
of dogs yipping and yapping
people talking by the slide
Yes, people talking.
Damp mulch under our feet.
wood chips they’re wood chips
Okay, the scent of damp wood chips.
more pushes please pushes please


One Comment

  1. Posted December 5, 2015 at 9:12 pm | #

    My inspiration was a great help for creating my response! It just came to me and I got to work. Not a perfected piece, but very spontaneous as it should be. I like to work that way. It’s very possible something else might birth from this piece!
    I thank Anne Nowselski for the inspiration!