Lavina Blossom
and KJ Hannah Greenberg

Lavina Blossom
“Blame the Wind”


On Hanging Laundry
By KJ Hannah Greenberg
Inspiration piece

On hanging laundry, it’s possible

To grasp endemic societal concepts,

Remember necessary detailed instructions,

Stand upright during intermittent maelstroms

(“Sunbeams” of transformation, notwithstanding).


Given padded bras’ hubristic quality,

Gasping, those landed clothes line fish,

Eructations usually sourced to tighty whities,

Ambuscades set up by cotton diapers drying,

Reveal nothingness of perched birds’ opprobrium.


Flung helter-skelter among wooden pins,

Tea towels’ puerile philosophies, blankets’

Infantile attitudes, as gagged by prevailing winds,

Sun-kissed sheets’ pastiche posturing with mittens,

Let bluing, bleaching, fading away, fully stop on clear days.


Consider, washing machines that engage contrite acts,

Sit up and roll over, otherwise retain functional sentiment,

Reach into their own tribes for proxies, three speed adjustments,

Epigraphs printed on detergent cartons, lost socks, missing hope.

Even after granting lifetime warrantees, hoary things break down.


Ebullient practices propel, fling denizens far from beneficence,

Deter wicker baskets from being punnets enough for all gathering,

Let skivvies blow over fences, T-shirts fly to conjured freedoms,

Use odd smiles to posit the advantage of running away.


Some clothes need a little loving on the side.


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