Lisa Nielsen and
Jay Young Gerard

Jay Young Gerard

Inspiration piece

Glass Houses
By Lisa Nielsen


Resolutions delayed and thinned by fatigue
Fatigue stalled by breathing in the dust
That lines the mirror
Shadowed and necessary

edges sharpened
Everyone is waiting,
Never walk in the room soft.

I love the lapses and the collapses
Setting my standards
And knocking them back

I come from a long line of delusionalists
Happily pampering their demons
Without ever eyeing escape
Their freedom and demise intertwined

We’ve always looked up and snickered
At the mickey mouse life
Of place settings
And gold filigree
The overhead fan and the sighs you don’t hear
The blood on the wall that suddenly disappears

The place I’ve never belonged
But pairs so nicely with the pain you’ve caused



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