Jay Young Gerard
and Lisa Nielsen

Jay Young Gerar
“It Was Never A Dream”


It’s That Dream
By Lisa Nielsen

Inspiration piece

It’s that dream where you fly and the world
is neither small nor large,  angels steer
the rooftops and the angles,
for once, are not so harsh

you’ve prepped me for a probable
bumpy road,
being right where I land
with more days ahead
of nothing standing to reason:
The sky is not blue
The grass is not green
punishment is not the bruise
discipline is not the break,

My shoulders ache, the strong arm of your law
always putting me in my place

But that dreamy night,
the moon scarred my cheeks  —
I went from invisible to celebrated
and I wasn’t allowed back

I’ve spent decades draining memories,
molecule by molecule
watched them escape my pores,
forming their own ocean.  So you see, there’s no room for a
tearful reunion.

I’m a new flesh and blood, still
ascending from the broken life
you planned for me.  Thawed off my skin,
there’s hardly any resemblance left,
slipping through my fingers, you
thinner than water.



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  1. Posted December 7, 2015 at 4:29 am | #

    Lisa, your inspiration piece is beautiful.