Ray Sharp and Jennifer Fendya

Ray Sharp
Mixed media

I’ve Been Clearing Clutter
By Jennifer Fendya
Inspiration piece

I’ve been clearing clutter from my house.

How did it get in?  Did I carry these objects

up the long sidewalk and in through the front door

that’s actually on the side of the house, the same side

the back door’s on?  Believe me, I sensed the bad

feng shui from the beginning, the entryway an obvious

afterthought, or was it designed purposefully

to make every coming and going a reminder

of the need to step aside, step aside, use both hands,

(find the dance), step aside, swing, turn and bow,

turn again, climb.  It’s tricky enough without

carrying anything but when laden with burdens

it makes one give pause in a moment of despair:

How can I go on? Are there no extra hands here

somewhere?? A hidden elevator??? So, I look

in amazement at the clutter of objects, the things

I must move back down and out the long sidewalk

but before it the jamming up at the bottom of the steps,

face to the glass, the necessary curtsy just to get out,

the awkward bend, turn, push, swing, step down,

step aside, step aside…


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