Julia Rolfe and Anya Mayer

Anya Mayer
“She Embraces Compassion”

Inspiration piece

Typical Woman
By Julia Rolfe

At the risk of being cliché,
She was hard as nails in the daylight.
A can-do bandana wearing force
of artificial light and perfectly planned city streets.
Her sidewalks straight and swept clean for a proper high tea.
She was a lone city tree planted in a square of city dump compost.
The sunny-faced pansies lay before her, pruned and smiling at her feet.
For the folks passing by she was invisible and untouchable.

She pulled up her roots and trampled the pansies.
Stumbling from the perfectly planned can-do,
Beyond the last shadow of street lights,
Her tears vined and bloomed around her, wild and tangling.
She wasn’t untouchable. She was soft under the moon and never alone.
Still an unbelievable cliché.

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