Linda Sorrells-Smith and
KJ Hannah Greenberg


Linda Sorrells-Smith
Ebony pencil on paper

Nonetheless, Encouraged State
By KJ Hannah Greenberg
Inspiration piece

In rippled lands, brutality’s strictures no longer reign.

There, pyres swell sky over ocean, smoke away candor.

Communities, in which old pain controls date palms, present

Stories split from looms of banal, hackneyed, otherwise trite,

Speaking. No gnosis churned from pharmaceutical companies

Reflect those unsung enchantments. Instead, quiet benevolences

Of old words, free kestrels, also eye candy scattered oddly, create

Crowns from servile physiognomy stippled among growth

Found in women’s song, rosebuds, places only accessible via

Sadistic fellowships. Excuses, anyway, encourage change.

Such grandfathers mostly provided sperm, also learned weird plants’

Inception, penalized expired gratitudes, soothed quick references,

Fasted or not in privately organized affairs. And then, what of it?

Monkeys present as unlikely to face washing errors created by strapping,

Less than sagacious, sorts, versus groundskeepers preoccupied with bees.

The world’s laboratories invent, two at a time, palpably comfortable

Luminosity, only decades after informed belief yield edentulous solutions.

Taiga full of mustelid setts generate more amazement, via socks, raw beef, tea,

Then diaper bag bottoms, bitumen, gout, humped off questions, costume

Jewelry. In the end, babies, nurslings, other wee folk, wade through fingers.


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