KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Linda Sorrells-Smith

Linda Sorrells-Smith
Oil on canvas
Inspiration piece


The Laughing Man’s Eyes
By KJ Hannah Greenberg
Response piece

       The laughing man’s eyes,                                             like so many high

     Falutin drum rolls, brightened                                  before constricting to wee,

   Loveless cups, ne’er brimming light                       or elsewise dripping affection.

  Such orbs as fill school book warnings,                  nonetheless, blink. They tunnel

Vision toward unhappy motes’ partnering             reminisce us over unmet possibilities.

After the murder, his mistress’ osteomanty           brought no comfort to wife or coryphee

  In his corps de ballet, where the guy’s                  shameless contact hurt more than feet,

   Like a declawed, defanged lions’ air,                    resentment, ‘longside the dead man’s

     Resolute infidelity, accessed                                  payroll, select assailant’s motives

         Almost scrutable plots,                                           also crime scene listicles.

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