Amy Souza and Donna JT Smith

Donna JT Smith
Inspiration piece

But Salt Water
By Amy Souza

Where salted wind ruffles seagrass
And rose hips line a hot sand path
The bridge is open means open for boats
And closed to cars
Low tide doesn’t smell so bad

Sometimes you’ll spy a horseshoe crab
Through clear water
Jousting invisible enemies
Close to shore

Or swim in a bubble of jellyfish
Suspended by see-through bodies

I didn’t belong here ever
Yet still call it home
I feel of this bay, this harbor
This air birthed me
The sea almost killed me

Now it’s all I want
Not drowning
Not wind kicked out of me
Not I’ll never see my childhood
Home again

Salt water cures everything
Says ocean town wisdom
Coast to coast

But they were wrong
If you can’t give yourself over
Water does nothing and
You’re left with the pain
Of wanting it not to be true


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  1. Posted September 4, 2020 at 5:34 pm | #

    Thank you, Amy. This is so thought provoking and lovely. I can relate to it so well. Thank you for making this whole.