Donna JT Smith and Amy Souza

Donna JT Smith
Hearts Never Part

A Whole Is Worth More Than Its Parts
By Amy Souza
Inspiration piece

A stranger on the lawn
Wears pandemic gloves to
Pick through my mother’s linens
What she doesn’t take goes downtown
To a shelter where a man holds the door
In case something happens
It gets a little weird down here,
He says. A little? a second man
Laughs. But I don’t feel scared
Only lost at depositing five
Black bags holding my mother’s
Life. Sheets she bought to
Cheer her up. Blankets my
Dog loved. Pillows from every
Room. Everyday items that
Can break a heart and make
Me feel off kilter. My mother’s
House in pieces is junk that
Needs attention when together
It spelled home. Vanished and
Won’t return no matter
How hard I need it back

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  1. Posted September 4, 2020 at 6:28 pm | #

    This collaboration and your words, Amy, touched me very deeply. I am minimalist who frequently lets go of things too quickly and this is exactly how it feels. Thank you for sharing this…