Anya Mayer and Kamika Cooper

Anya Mayer
“Summer Daze”
Ink on paper


This is for
By Kamika Cooper
Inspiration piece

this is for
attentive eyes and rich brown skin
reminding me of afrika and heart home
i must have known you before cause your
soft hands feel so familiar, so peculiar is
this feeling, sista-girl and i don’t even know you

but still, this is for
trying to get past my new infatuation suddenly
humbled by the sound of your mellow voice
appreciative when that sexy smile crosses your face
after you intellectually tease me – how do you do that?
cause you don’t even know me, not even sure if you feel me
and you may be thinking

this is for
the business and hair wholeness
for the sake of pampering your soul,
but it’s so much more, sista-girl
it’s like the ancestors brought you to my door
and whispered in my ear that these thoughts
wouldn’t be fleeting anytime soon, i ask my moon
if i am to trust her instincts, as i have misunderstood
her in the past, i want what she is saying to be true

that this is for you
and the calm you bring over me
for your hair in and out of my fingers and
the beautiful music that lingers throughout my ears
for the potential of our locs intertwined on sands,
in the winds, drenched in water, on pillows and hands
the potential of passionate meetings of the minds
and the promise of ever-changing desires

this is for the unknown inside of us
and the possibility of air expansion and spontaneous combustion

this is for attentive eyes which
i fantasize about being on me, igniting a fire which cannot be extinguished

this is for you, sista-girl, and i don’t even know you

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