Kamika Cooper and Anya Mayer

Anya Mayer
“Rainbow Moon Fish”
watercolor with India ink on handmade Tibetan paper
Inspiration piece


Out of Our Element
By Kamika Cooper

told us to stay home
but we did not
taking rockets to space
every chance we’ve got

planting flags on the moon
and leaving trash behind
all that space junk’s floating
out beyond our skies

out of our element
and we’re running out of time
something in this water’s
got us out of our minds

digging into the oceans
still polluting our seas
we’ve got an oil addiction
and it never recedes

told us to stay home
but we said no
got those satellites swimming
to make that internet go

sharks are biting to warn us
that earth is getting too hot
we’re spinning out of our element
whether we believe it or not

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