Kathleen Finn Jordan and Amy Souza

Amy Souza
Inspiration piece

Alone with the Sea
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Response piece

Alone with the sea, the warm sand massaging the feet
From the wonder wander of the traveling times interrupted
Always a respite, always a listener, the sea encourages dreams
Inspiring, comforting, shooting us into renewal, surfing us into better lithesome selves
Alone with the sea but ever in contact with the endless life forms that live in her depths
Reminding us that the forevers we count on and the tomorrows we will enjoy are present
Walking with us, talking with us, breezing us into a newness cell deep positive
Horizon far yet near – white billowing clouds inviting us to a music of peaceful encounter
Alone with the sea but never alone
Its comfort and wisdom from ages promise the stroller on its fringes a return to sanity




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