Betty Nichols and Ash Martins

Betty Nichols

Shipwrecked Spaghetti
By Ash Martins
Inspiration piece

What I wouldn’t give for one last family dinner with mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs

Garlic bread toasted just right

Chilled 2% milk

That refreshing iceberg salad dressed with ranch that came from a packet

And veggies spared from the “garden”

(Because, “You can’t grow much in red clay except wine grapes”)

Expertly home baked boxed cake with rich frosting from scratch

Topped with those grocery store candles that drip on everything

Everyone singing the birthday song off key on purpose

Before opening gifts I didn’t ask for

Arguing about who knows what

Laughing about everything

All of the ‘I love yous’ woven into the deviled details

What I wouldn’t give for one last moment of togetherness

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