Tracy Burkholder and Kate Copeland

Tracy Burkholder

White Lavender
By Kate Copeland
Inspiration piece

When my heavy heart carries away
on heavy legs; when I am just
unable to think beyond winter,
where leafless love combines
the cold air with Christmas Stars;

When I feel somewhat quicksandy
and my heavy eyes miss sparkles
in the longing water,
this bright blend with Blue;

Then is when I set my head back
and trust the crisp-cripple sky,
covered in clouds, finding strength
for a new Spring to come;

Then is when I trust a goddess
painting waves of White Lavender,
and if you want to know
what I truly feel, know this:

I collect Palms in cornered parks
and precious days ahead;
I carol songs that sing of a longing place,
think of love in a life.
I hold on to roots, despite the White.


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