MM Panas and JoAnn Moore

MM Panas

Acrylic and charcoal on paper,
24 x 36 inches

By JoAnn Moore

Inspiration piece

Somewhere, blocks away,
a swing is swinging and, because
it is Sunday
the groan of the long chain
reaches the back deck. The ruby-
throated defends what he believes to be his
blossom laden cherry tree
against—even—a snowy egret
suddenly come for the possibilities
the pond-caught flowers hide.
The egret’s stark intensity
pales against the unrelenting
iridescent dive-bombing clicks.
So with six long-legged steps,
a wash of white,
he slowly lifts off—
just clearing the yard’s fence.

The wind shifts north and,
just before I shiver,
the neighborhood bagel shop
wafts freshness skyward.
I pause, caught
by the thick yeast aroma,
and must breathe slower.
The dog’s nose twitches, the cat leaps to the fence
top and licks sweetness from his fur.
The swinging stops.
I envision
her a child, at the forward-most
arc tip,
letting go—
momentarily floating
where skin and air become one.

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