Irene Plax and Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald

Inspiration Piece

Irene Plax


Every night of vacation we smoke cigarettes and they light up when we inhale. In the heat of the summer night, the tiny, fiery circles become signs of life. I brought my lady here to Disney World because she told me, “It’s summer already. Time is passing so fast”. We went on rides and took a hundred pictures, and I sprung for the nicest suite I could afford.

I think she had fun. I did too. All day long, though, I had a pebble in my shoe that wouldn’t come out. I dumped my shoes out and banged them together and tried every trick in the book, but when my foot was back in there, I felt it again. She even took a photo of me on a bench there in my socks, looking down into my shoes.

If you ask me, her favorite attraction was the Country Bear Jamboree. They played songs we knew from growing up and it must have made her feel young, the way she was clapping along.

The truth is that I ran around with another woman for a bit, and my lady found out. She didn’t throw me out of the house, but sometimes it’s like she herself left. “If I could give you this,” I tell her at Cinderella’s castle, “I would.”

We make love in the hotel at Disney World, I whisper that she is beautiful and all those things women like to hear. When I look into her eyes they are as dark as a pond that might go deep, but it’s too murky to tell. I fall asleep feeling sorry. In the morning, she is by the window looking at the sky, so I join her. I see His name and feel a glimmer of hope. If I keep repenting, we just might be able to get it back.


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