Rusty Lynn and Neil Ellman

Rusty Lynn
“Unpredictable Spring”

The Coming Spring
By Neil Ellman

Inspiration piece

It’s supposed to happen
Every spring—
The dead branches
Come alive again
Burst with emerald green
And glitter in the sun
Like petalous stones.

Every spring
Since the roots took hold
Since the earth
Filled the thirsty veins
With the blood
Of quickening life.

Every spring
As now
When winter loosens its hold—
An unclenched fist
Unfrozen by the equinox.

It happened this way
Happens now
Just as it always did

And we hope
That it will come again—
A rising sun
Warming the buds
And touching the earth
With its gentle hand
We hope that the spring
Will come again
For just another time.




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