Channie Greenberg and Jane Hulstrunk


Morally Tall Friends: Eucalyptus’ Lessons


Sturdy trees, such as cedars, acacias, myrtle, oleaster, cypress, boxwood, elms,

Share no medical organizations, PTA committees, or scout troops with eucalyptus.


As fast-growing admonitions, the latter espouse desired boundaries, all the while

Urging foresters to reminisce, even to forfend, on big thrills’ less-than-sober realities.


Notable among green giants, those gummy providers of practical materials

Ride over small surfaces, contributing needed compasses in most civic woods.


Such economically-beneficial groves transport us, help we feeble-minded approach

Bits and pieces of human experience that show up on LinkedIn or on YouTube.


True swap drainers, they ground flighty veracities, skip clay, carnival glass, bubbles.

Their roots seek fresh structural archetypes, tap new means to stockpiled securities.


No matter our reading habits, intellectual ambitions, or level of self-dishonesty,

Mallee trees can issue constructive building blocks, ward against emotional “pioneering.”


Lignotubered or not, smooth-barked stands do: counterbalance empires’ “magnetic moments,”

Suck away rhetorical twaddle, set aright individual orbital motions, fix cultural slop.


Straight-trunked, “them wonders” stuff our waste into foil-wrapped packets of meaning,

Exclusive of stooping to romanticize regular railcars, chipmunks, out-of-the-box fancies.


Their cousins, rough-barked morrells, too, leave propulsion amusements lingering,

Flit us away from favor unreliable sorts like politicians, bankers, wholesalers, cosmeticians.


Either’s “normal” yield supplies enough kinetic energy to propel our populations,

To shoot kin past opining quintessence, salty balderdash, more patchwork beliefs.


True myrtles, tall friends teach satiation derived from climbing platforms,

Enjoying views, looking groundward, breathing, breathing, breathing, then dropping.


Those full-leaved, towering phenols frame social accelerations as neither good nor fun,

Question suffering möibus strips repetitions rather than deferring, honorably, to reason.


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