MM Panas and JoAnn Moore

m.m. panas
Zeniths Await
mixed media on paper
26″ x 18 1/2″

Lincoln’s ABCs
By JoAnn Moore
Inspiration piece

An airy sun and
Boardwalks become, “Come!
Come to the edge.
Dig your toes into the sand, listen to the tide
Ebb stories of love,
Flash the color of depth and
Graced with birdsong between the waves.”
Hear its plea:
“I am in you.” Made from the generations,
Just the best of the past.
Know me.
Learn my secret longing to
Meet eternity where the sea
Nudges the horizon and
Opens the sky to unfathomable deepness.
Pretending not to be afraid—
Questioning whether one
Really needs to live
So fully and still—willing to
Take the plunge. Dive into the
Unknown. It is worth the risk to
Venture out
With all you’ve been given.
Xeniths await
You who has inherited faith, history, strength.
Zephyrs will guide you, then carry you home.

Zeniths Await by M.M.Panas image

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