Tyson West and
Elizabeth Akin Stelling






 Elizabeth Akin Stelling
Texas Has Been Bronzed

Goofy the Baptist
By Tyson West
Inspiration piece

Pluto was decreed a dog
So was Goofy guffawing in the rounds of Ike and Khrushchev
When Tricia and Julie were pulling Checker’s ears
So how come Goofy talked, clipped threads and drove a car.
A miracle!
Uncle Walter—Great good Walter—must have chosen him
To pour the grace of Disney
On the bowed head of Fess Parker
Baptizing him Davy Crockett in the waters of the backlot River Mississippi
So the native kids on the Colville Res
If they had any reception at all
Could hear now and believe later
True stories of Davy and Injuns
How the grey haired good chief got fooled
By Firesticks’ hot blooded lies
Sent the three stooges warriors on the wrong war path
Until Davy and Firesticks waltzed the choreographed knife fight
Where Davy blades the treacherous brave
Whose wounds never bleed his instantaneous death
Like the flash of an atom bomb,
And who looked just like my girlfriend Gina Canale’s Mafia uncle from Youngstown
Only wearing long straight black hair like Gina’s
Except in two braids with a black feather
Gina’s mama made a mean marinara sauce
Then the good grey bumbling chief in his full war bonnet
Would worship Davy
Who had just gutted his third cousin twice removed
He give his word an’ he give his hand, that his Injun friends could keep their land
An’ the rest of his life he took the stand, that justice was due every redskin band
Even when Tinker Bell divaed Jiminy Cricket
To bring her the head of Goofy on a silver platter,
Right before the real Davy
Said “You all can go to Hell—I am going to Texas.”


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