Gwynne Mason and
Marla Deschenes

Gwynne Mason

By Marla Deschenes
Inspiration piece

October closes its sweatered arms around me

The crunch of falling leaves greet both my feet

And my constant companion’s

Though his feet double mine.

I can’t imagine a world where

You spend your life looking at the backs of people’s knees

Although sometimes I feel as though

My life really is like that anyway

If I think about it long enough.

It was always about October

And stolen cigarettes



I spend my days marveling at how I got here

When I spent so much time trying to deny that

I wanted nothing more

Than this – all of it.

From the fenced in yard to the home that I know by its creaks and sighs

In the nights spent closed in your arms

In our home

My life really is like that anyway

If I think about it long enough.

It is never about me

More the constant nights

Smoking behind the shed



I am most creative during this time

When everything around me is readying for sleep.

I watch the leaves save their final goodbyes

And leave their muddied shadows on the pavement.

I am aging in this skin

A scary prospect with the vision

Of being old and tattooed

And forgotten.

No one wants to die alone

Like October.

Always on that path

The fastest way

Connecting the highways lines back



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