Meghan E. Hunt and Dani Harris

Meghan E. Hunt
Autumn Ballet in Red

Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera

a dance of autumn
Dani Harris
Inspiration Piece

the leaves giggle,
rustling to cover the sound
as they glide through the air
secretly performing their ballet of autumn ~~

  • pas de deux ~ a duet of two
  • pirouettes aplenty ~ whirling this way and that
  • {seeming to a passerby to be blown about by a breeze}
  • relevé ~ being lifted, as though by a sudden gust of wind
  • soutenu en tournant ~ a series of turns in quick succession
  • tours en l’air ~ turns in the air…  one…  two…  three times
  • and, of course, always a waltz

only the wind is aware of the dance
as much fun for him as the leaves
a joy to be had but once a year
the joy of dancing in the autumn air

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  1. Posted October 30, 2010 at 4:39 pm | #

    Beautiful. This is a picture I’ll want when all the leaves are down and it’s gray and cold outside.