Alisa Bliss and Val Bonney

Alisa Bliss

Opposites Attract


Chalk and Cheese

Val Bonney

Inspiration Piece

You dance to Julio Iglesias

and the light country notes

of John Denver; while I

get blue with Billie

and Amy Winehouse

and rock out to Nickelback.

You enjoy marzipan

(which I detest) and nibble

small, dainty portions; while I

get stuck in to chilli

(which you hate)

and prefer my plate well filled.

You choose soft, fairy fabrics

in pink and lilac

and baby blue; while I

wear leather and low-cut,

side-split satin

in devil red and black.

We celebrate the richness

our diversity

brings to the world –

and yet, thought different as

chalk and cheese,

our hearts are identical.

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