Phyllis Weissman and Nancy Smith

Inspiration piece

Nancy Smith

Response Piece

Phyllis Weissman


By: Phyllis Weissman

Selena Santiago was academically gifted and creatively talented. From the young age of nine, Selena could look at a fashion magazine and reproduce the item that she liked on her mom’s sewing machine. At 16 Selena was given a full scholarship to the Florida Institute of Technology. Five years later she graduated with a Master’s degree and a thriving on-line business.

Selena had found her niche in the area of creating custom made tapestries. Her hand woven reversible wall hangs were so popular that Selena had formed a small online company: Tapestries that rapidly grew, flourished and made her a successful and well- known designer before she was 20. The intricacies of her colorfully designed patterns that told happy celebratory stories were her trademark.

Selena was now living and working in Miami. Her home and work place were in an old factory in a newly renovated area of Little Cuba. The factory had been remodeled by Selena and her parents and was the talk of the new area that boasted galleries, restaurants and businesses.

Selena was beautiful with her black curls, ebony hair and a curvy petite figure. She loved her new life and the pleasure that Tapestries brought to her customers. She enjoyed being near her parents and old brother. The only thing missing was a social life and a man she could love the way her mom Carmen loved her dad Ricardo.

A large section of Tapestries was a store on the first floor. The second floor was the factory itself with work stations and lavatories and a café for the workers. The third floor was her home. There were two in suite bedrooms, a small eat-in kitchen, a living and dining room, a workout area and Selena’s office.

No one ever came to her living quarters except her parents who had keys and so Selena was more than a little surprised when the doorbell chimed, The Rhythm is Going To Get You. Hurrying to the door in her workout clothes, Selena looked through the peephole and saw what she thought of as Adonis.  He was tall with deep blue eyes, blond hair curling at his shoulder, sporting a physique worth of a Greek god. He was carrying a huge bouquet of colorful carnations and he was smiling.

Selena opened the door and then it occurred to her that she hadn’t ordered flowers and didn’t know this man from Adam.

“Don’t be afraid, Carida. These are from a secret admirer who has worshiped you from afar for years. My name is Marcus Adonis and I own 12 of your tapestries.”

Selena remember his name just as Marcus pulled out his I.D. and stepped into her living quarters. Selena had an Aha moment when she realized that Marcus was talking about himself. He was her secret admirer.

“Please come in Marcus, the flowers are wonderful. Let me put them in water. Please sit and make yourself at home. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later Selena was showered and found Marcus in the kitchen making them lunch. He turned and smiled and what a wonderful smile it was.

“Please sit Carida. I came here today to introduce myself to you. I recently moved here from Los Angeles and had to meet you. I Googled you and know that there is no man in your life even though you’re somewhat of a celebrity. I want to be that man. I will woo you, court you and win your heart. What do you say?”

“I say this omelet is fabulous and I also say that you have an excellent chance of winning my heart.” Selena said with a laugh.

It took six months of constantly being together and falling hard. Marcus and Selena knew that they had found the one.

Tapestries had brought them together. Love would keep them that way…forever.

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    This is Liz’s landscape. I just rested in it. Have you woven this as a piece of clothing? Can it be hung?