Jane Hulstrunk and Adam Gagnon

Jane Hulstrunk – response

Adam Gagnon – Inspiration Piece

We Guessed

There have been many roads to follow
And people have been taking them all
Trying to find their way through
Or wandering aimlessly
Barely getting by

In our try you and I looked for beauty in every realm of space
From the look of landscapes to the sweetest taste
Narrowing down our definition of our favorite aesthetic
So we could find an excuse
Some reason to love each other

From the joy of childbirth
To the pain of mothers
A calm expression entirely complete
Or the thought of leaving here
There was beauty everywhere

But I insisted you had it all in you at first
And you knew I was the worst kind of liar
So it was for us a sign
That we are slaves to time
Working on our way to death
Asking our favorite question- Why?
And what for is second best.

Finding purpose here is questionable
Our cause we felt was this
To appreciate what is beautiful
We guessed.

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