Adam Gagnon and Jane Hulstrunk

Barred Owl

Jane Hulstrunk – inspiration piece

Adam Gagnon – response

They had a beautiful wedding in January
Idyllic days filled that winter
And the following spring
But as soon as June came through
He was off to war
And before Summer ended
He was no more
She grieved violently at first
Trying to destroy the reality she rejected
Until she realized the world is
Much too big to be torn apart
By her feeble hands
Several years passed and she got used
To the monotony of loneliness
At least she thought she was slowly
Acclimating herself to the notion
That some day
In the distant future
She would feel a little better
She knew she would never get over her grief completely
Because every time she was shook from her sleep by a bad dream
She reached out for him
But she thought the pain of her waking moments would subside
And maybe she wouldn’t feel so lonely
She would move on with her life
And even learn to love again
The falling snow changed her mind.

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