Jane Hulstrunk and Kathleen Finn Jordan

Response piece

Sunset over Lake Champlain – response

Jane Hulstrunk

Yet Another Sunset – inspiration piece

By Kathleen Finn Jordan

This sunset embraces the lonely sea
A little longer
Seems its departure is delayed
Lingering arms braceleted in  hues of orange, red, luscious sky fruit
Kissing the cheeks and lips of shore gazers
Wine glasses raised reflecting the blue green ocean tones in dancing star twinkle rays
Photos snapped for yet another digital nature show
Thrown up on penthouse wall changing as the dusk draws patterns on the aging stones
Breath suspended awe sound in the wind
The lonely sea basks heaving
Unconscious of the leaving moment
Departure – sun’s arms spread wide now
Releasing the power of the night as shades of blue green span the horizon
The darkness coolly arriving.

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