Kathleen Finn Jordan and Jane Hulstrunk

Jane Hulstrunk Photograph of  Barred Owl


Barred Owl in Winter – Kathleen Finn Jordan

Nocturnal Bird you watch from perch
Piercing eye, alert and strong
Streaked in white like snow cone fluffy
“Who cooks for you”, your evening song
Filoplumes are your jetskis
Allowing glide for long flights flow
Effortless you fly and watch
And now your eye sees me, I know

But you are high and the wind is cold
Superior post you are not flustered
And though dense foliage is not around
You sit near tree trunks hard and clustered
Are you wise as people think?
Diving from your perch to eat
Meadow voles flee as deer mice huddle
Instinct tells them you are strong and fleet
But as my lens hugs you it sighs
You are stunning me in my composed view
Non plussed and perfect roosting high
I click and I have captured you.

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