Kaylee Savage-Wright and Lisa Nielsen

Kaylee Savage-Wright


Lisa Nielsen

Inspiration Piece

grazing on emptiness

i wish i could peer thru the clouds and not see holes in the sky
but nothing else makes sense
you whispered me a kiss as if that were enough
to turn the sun around,
but my foot’s been stuck in sorrow for so long
i’ve forgotten how to dance

if i could climb out over these trees and fences
would you be there
on the other side
with whiskey and love letters?
because I don’t think I could make it thru another day
having only the intrigue of loneliness as my companion

One Comment

  1. Posted March 4, 2011 at 10:38 pm | #

    “would you be there/on the other side/with whiskey and love letters?” That is such a great line!!
    This pairing really works for me.