Nancy Claeys and Priya Chhaya

Priya Chhaya

Inspiration Piece

Meriosis and The Remnant

Nancy Claeys



Meriosis was born the son of Zeus and Nelipita, a mortal.  Believing that her son was the true heir to Mount Olympus, Nelipita begged Zeus to bestow upon their son a section of humanity to watch over, to prove his worth.

Zeus assented and planned to give this son the guardianship of the sun, a position initially slated to go to his son by Leto, but Hera—who was want to allow any of Zeus’ mistresses any leeway, changed the course, convincing Zeus that Meriosis was better suited to watch over the wanderers, roving gypsies who traveled the worlds.

At first Meriosis served his position well leading the band to new homes when needed. One day,when visiting his mother on earth he became curious about the people he had watched from above for most of his life. Disguising himself as Iosis, a digger, he quickly made himself a leader among the ruling mortals in the tribe.

As he lived amongst his new kin, he learned of others, those who had lived in this land before the arrival of his ilk. One, a woman, dark of hair and eyes crossed his path and he fell madly in love. A love that would destroy his people.

Some say that it was Apollo who brought the sun, others a mortal who recognized Meriosis as one of the gods who sought to curry favor with Hera. Needless to say, Meriosis remained in the mortal world far longer than he should have, and during the year of his life on the ground the crops dried up, the water dried up and destruction rained on the wanderers.

And because he was not in his rightful place on high, the wanderers did not have directions for their new homes and one by one, they perished. The city disappeared into the sands and dust.  During this time Meriosis remained a doting lover. Watching, and admiring the woman from the other side. But while he didn’t notice the changes around him, he did notice the changes in her, perfect as she was. First her body grew thinner, than her face—until one day she neglected to awake for the mornings gathering.  And so his eyes obscured by love, Meriosis only understood his error on the eve of the dark haired beauty’s death.

Quickly he returned to the stars and found a new home for his people, but it was too late. Those who had sought survival beyond the light found shelter beneath the ground—in a place where he could not find them.