Priya Chhaya and Nancy Claeys

Nancy Claeys
Inspiration Piece

It Has A Face
Priya Chhaya

I’m standing at the corner of a field

Her face, framed by—off set eyes
Holding a promise of a once-fulfilled life
Now gazing out, searching for something lost

The green cap sits tentative almost waiting to slip to the cold, frozen ground
While her striped garb settles quiet, and solemn around her shoulders
A little torn, threadbare

And the nose—oh! The nose. An endless deep
And her mouth screams, desperate—sad and abandoned
But in the snowy frost, amidst the thistle and fern
She holds a glimmer of memory
A sought for recollection

Just out of my grasp
Just out of my reach

I know it is there, nestled amidst the ruin
Through the doorway—hanging loosely
On hinges

A story—a song—a lesson
A moment
Any second now

She’ll remember
I”ll remember
We’ll remember

Until then,
I will stand at the corner of the field

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  1. Posted March 23, 2011 at 11:18 pm | #

    Just lovely, Priya… and a stunning picture, Nancy!