Ainsley Allmark and dani harris

Ainsley Allmark – “Hiding”

Response piece

dani harris

Inspiration piece

moonlight sonata
she gives off no light of her own
merely reflecting that of another
yet her warm glow
brings comfort to many
as she floats above
solitary in her journey
across the velvet skies
she listens to the songs of love
and prayers of the lost and lonely
sent to her from below
ever-changing in her constancy
shy in her newness
just a sliver in the sky
gorgeous in her fullness
pregnant with promise
she moves the tides
and hearts of men
waxing and waning
to a sonata
only she can hear
wrapping lovers
in moonbeams
and dreamers
in moondust
she watches over us
ultimate symbol of magic
and love
weaving her spell
deep within our souls
of every accolade
upon her glory
since man first looked up
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