dani harris and Ainsley Allmark

Ainsley Allmark

Inspiration Piece

dani harris



two tiny sparks
made of  stardust
and comets’ tails
drifted aimlessly
…each alone and lonely…

time did not exist
…existed endlessly…
until the moment
when they chanced
upon one another

took shape…
life began…
time moved forward…
and they were lonely no more

for aeons
they joyfully danced
and sang and played
across the cosmos
always together

their friendship grew
into a deep and special love
until at last
the two sparks
became one soul

the gods had watched
fascinated yet skeptical
a decision was made
the one soul was split in half
and put into two humans on Earth

two gifts were also given ~
the souls were allowed
to be reborn over and over
and they would always
recognize one another

lifetime after lifetime passed
…each and every time
the two souls found one another
and their love became deeper
and their connection grew stronger

the gods understood
…even split into two…
neither soul was complete
without the other

in celebration
the gods created the passionflower
as a symbol to all
of  what is possible
when love is true



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