Jane Hulstrunk
and Charisse Cecil

Jane Hulstrunk


Charisse R. Cecil

Inspiration piece

My music, my mood.

Billie and Miles.

Melancholy and mellow.

The berries

in my morning muffin.

His bow-legged, boot-cut,

denim-clad swagger.

The funky-sweet blend

of sweat, liquor, tears and sex

in every foot tap on the juke joint floor.

The bruises that hide

behind Bronze Base #5.

Branford’s band and Spike’s “Mo’ Better.”

B.B. and Lucille.

The Franconia-Springfield metro line.

The steely eyes of young Minister Malcolm’s


Langston’s weary and big sea.

The Saturday night cabaret voice

Singing in the Sunday morning choir.

Sea -deep sorrow.

A saxophone’s moan.

My hopes,

caked on and cracking

like Aunt Minnesota’s



eye shadow.



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