Amy Souza and
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Amy Souza
“Soler Sequence”
Ink and pencil on paper

Solar Birthing Soler
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration piece


Walking thru the summer sun

The sandals flap from heels alight

And breezes blow neath heels fried dry

Bringing a smile and spirits bright

Summer’s waning waving farewell

And days grow short and clouds creep low

Change of slant of waning sun

Brings cooler sense and feel of flow

An extra layer of clothing donned

As waters once a body’s friend

Chill and burn and warn us off

Rippling messages of seasons’ end

Duties loom and pace picks up

School children write in notebooks fresh

And writers meet again to work

As year rolls on and light’s compressed

Basking in solar ray and heat

Is gone for yet another year

And the chill brings on a soler feel

Alone and cold, a frozen tear

A darkness falling endlessly

A wind replaces breezes flow

A muffler swathes a face now masked

As earth turns in to sleep below.




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