Jack Hernandez
and Pharoah Bolding

Jack Hernandez
“Diamonds in the Rough”
Collage/Mixed Media ACEO


Pharoah Bolding
Inspiration piece

Sitting on the veranda, watching the sun rise steadily from the east, Pearson took a long hard drag of his cigarette. He could sense that it was going to be a very trying day; in fact he expected it to be. The consequences of pilfering diamonds from a man as connected as Hiro Matsura were the blueprint for a trying day. Pearson fully realized that just by making the decision to swindle millions of dollars in uncut stones from the Matsura shipment that he was supposed to be overseeing that he would have to be willing to get his hands dirty.

In the distance, Pearson could see three nondescript automobiles barreling toward his home. They were coming for their product.

They were leaving in a body bag.