Rob Hunter and Irene Plax

Rob Hunter
“Shoe of Man”

Irene Plax
Inspiration piece

His beautiful face is the least important thing in the photograph. Vincent makes money with his face; he is a model. Around 13 years old, his friend TJ laughed at him when a man past them in a strip mall and as though he couldn’t hold back, told Vincent, “You have striking features. It’s a beautiful face.”

In the bar where he works, he calls all girls sweetie or babe or hon. On the wall opposite from his bar is a mirror, and he does not get tired of looking at himself. He’s talked about this with his colleagues, people who also get money for their mugs, “You have to practice so you can have versatility. Build awareness…”

Vincent had landed the shoe gig through his agency, gone to a casting call, and was then informed he was being considered for the print campaign. At the shoot, against an old wall with plants growing out of it, in his loafers, Vincent felt himself shine. Never before was he more confident of being on the path intended for him by his creator.

And now, looking at the proofs, he senses a slipping sensation in the cavity of his ribs. It is not panic, just as it is not the loafers that he advertised that grab the viewer’s attention. It is the beauty of the wall behind him that causes Vincent to put his hand over his mouth.

There are plants creeping from the cracks, maybe even a baby tree? A rust stain trickles down from the top, slick with age. The rocks are old and uneven and in the photograph Vincent is insignificant next to the boulders. He looks new; his dewy skin like a reptile in the midst of a life cycle soon to change.



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