Pharoah Bolding and Jack Hernandez

Jack Hernandez

Inspiration Piece


Pharoah Bolding 



There was something about her.

He noticed it in the curvature of her back, the neat yet liberated way her hair tickled her neck, the smooth lines of her petite and slender body. When he looked at her he saw epic musical numbers, poetry and time signatures intertwining creatively. He saw monarch butterflies and coral roses, both fragile yet visually arresting in their own way. That is exactly what she was, mind and body. She had limitless potential, and whether she found herself under the gaze of the silver screen or the beaming lights of Broadway he knew that she would be a star. He saw vanity mirrors and successful casting calls in her future.

Too bad she could not see the same.

Confidence is a fickle beast that way.

She looked back at him, the point of her chin softly masked by the slope of her left shoulder, a loving smile perched upon her lips. He instinctively smiled back.

Adoration is a fickle beast as well.



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