Anthony Valade and Robert McAuliffe

Robert McAuliffe
Inspiration piece

Electric Epiphany
By Anthony Valade

There is a reason for them to create.

Attached their hands with string as I’m rigged into the storm, Closed their eyes and prayed with electricity flowing through each vein, As the storm’s rain poured down on to the skin, Burning from the inside, “This is a place we have never been.”

Her eyes contracting into the skull as she screamed into his mouth like a black and white movie that was never found.

Steaming, thoughtless, and lying on the ground whispering to the sky asking for another go. Then the clouds break into white shattered light descending towards their eyes and stops short.

The hearts skip one-one-two. On the bridge flipping back and forth, silhouettes flashing from the fantastic view.

The air roared vigorously throwing hair, spit, blood, and laughter around. It seemed like love even from this high up and looked like death in-between seconds.

They call their names with emotion pronounced by thunder bellowing in affection. The string digs in from every movement, from all the attention, down to the bone and past the cringing.

“This is erupted perfection, We can’t contain in coffins or remain in the ground, This life is ours to create, Ours to master, Let our fluid electricity own the sky and contemplate a new place, Let our hearts parade up. For we remain forever in the air above. We were made to create a thing called love.”


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